Custom Tailored Plastic Solutions

Bring us your CNC machining, welding or fabrication project, and our on-site fabrication specialists will take the time to come up with a personalized plastic solution for your project. Even if we don’t have the capabilities to complete your project, we will work to connect you with the right people to get the job done.

Why Choose Plastic

Plastic has become an integral asset for organizations working throughout a wide array of industries. For industrial applications, companies are turning away from wood and metallic parts in favor of plastic components, which offer longer wear and top performance without lubrication.

Architects, interior designers, and homeowners love the versatility that performance plastics offer. With colors and textures to fit virtually any aesthetic, customers have unlimited options to match their design space. Whether you need a anti-bacterial counter top for a healthcare facility, a unique back splash for your kitchen, or a one-of-a kind piece of furniture for your office, plastic has got you covered.

Quote A Custom Project

How to Order

  1. You can submit an RFQ with or without a drawing. If available include material, application, and when you need it completed by in the message box.
  2. A sales representative will contact you with a quote and an estimated lead time. If you dot not have a drawing our fabrication specialist will draw out your project and email you for approval.
  3. Upon your approval of the quote, your sales representative will contact you with a completion date and required down payment.
  4. After we receive the agreed upon down payment and your approval of the completion date, we will get the project into production.
  5. We call you when it’s done!

Have additional questions about our quote process? Click here to review frequently asked questions.