Plexiglass Framing

Check out the elegance and durability of Regals Plastics' plexiglass framing. As a modern solution, plexiglass offers clear advantages, bringing together the best of design and resilience. Whether you seek museum-quality pieces or versatile styles for diverse needs, our products meet every demand. We also offer wholesale plexiglass framing options, from non-glare plexiglass for framing that prioritizes a clear view, to UV plexiglass for framing that safeguards your precious memories from harmful rays. With framing plexiglass sheets in an array of specifications, Regal Plastics is your trusted source for excellence in presentation and protection.

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The Advantages of Plexiglass Framing

Plexiglass framing is a modern, durable and elegant solution to traditional framing techniques. This is about more than enclosing something; it's about redefining how we view and present the material. Museum-quality plexiglass from Regal Plastics has a minimalist yet sophisticated charm. Its sleek finish and clarity bring a modern touch to any space, ensuring the focus remains on the displayed item while adding a subtle flair to its presentation. Other advantages include:

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  • Preservation at its best: The protective nature of plexiglass can't be overstated. Unlike some traditional framing materials, plexiglass framing includes options that resist UV rays and glare, ensuring that the contents within the frame are safeguarded against fading and degradation over time.
  • Strength in lightness: One of the unsung advantages of plexiglass framing is its relative lightness coupled with its robust durability. This means even larger frames are easier to handle and install and are less likely to cause damage if accidentally knocked or dropped.
  • Crystal-clear viewing: The translucence and clarity of our museum plexiglass framing provide an unobstructed and distortion-free view of the contents. This clarity ensures that every detail of the displayed item is visible, appreciated and shines in its full glory.
  • Flexible design potential: The malleability and adaptability of plexiglass allow for many design possibilities. From intricate patterns to custom shapes, we can cater to a wide array of framing desires, ensuring that every item becomes a statement piece. Framing plexiglass sheets is easy with Regal Plastics.
  • Safety and shatter resistance: Unlike traditional glass, which can be hazardous if shattered, plexiglass framing offers a shatter-resistant alternative. This feature is particularly valuable in high-traffic areas, homes with children or public spaces where safety is paramount.

Plexiglass Framing for Any Need

Beyond art and photographs, our museum-quality plexiglass framing is versatile enough for certificates, memorabilia, corporate displays and even 3D objects. Its adaptability makes it a favorite among interior designers and art enthusiasts alike. Merging quality with cost-effectiveness, we provide framing solutions that are often more affordable than traditional custom glass frames without compromising on the luxe appeal. We offer:

  • UV plexiglass for framing: Sheets with UV filtering (OP3) offer unparalleled defense against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, ensuring that artwork, prints and documents don't discolor, fade or become brittle. Available in cell cast and extruded forms, these preservation-quality sheets offer remarkable display capabilities and long-lasting safeguarding.
  • Non-glare plexiglass for framing: Glare-resistant sheets (P99) aim to reduce reflections and glare, optimizing the clear display of framed art and prints. Their matte finish ensures the artwork is prominently visible from various angles.
  • UV-resistant and non-glare plexiglass: Looking for UV shielding and glare-reduction in one piece of plexiglass framing? Our P99/OP3-coated sheets integrate both features, offering an optimal solution for showcasing your artwork and collectibles without concerns of sun-induced damage.

And you can rest assured about the cost-effectiveness and quality of our museum plexiglass framing. We offer leading brands like Optix, Chemcast, Acrylite and Plexiglass. Plus, you have your selection of thicknesses and dimensions to ensure the best display for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plexiglass Framing

The plexiglass sheet market is expected to grow to $7.9 billion by 2026. As a player in that field, Regal Plastics has the answers you need about plexiglass framing. Read the following questions to learn more.

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Our wholesale plexiglass framing delivers all the performance and quality you expect from an industry leader. Regal Plastics offers the ideal UV- and glare-resistant plexiglass to showcase your artwork, documents and other treasured objects. Shop today for the museum-quality plexiglass framing you need.

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