Product Spotlight: Topgal

8mm Topgal is the latest mutliwall Polycarbonate system to hit our shelves. Why are we so excited about it? It is a great option for customers looking for a leak proof cover for their outdoor space. The design allows for … Continue reading

Get Lean – Customize Your Tool Carts

One of our lesser known specialties at Regal Plastics – Texas is creating custom lean solutions for companies. We practice lean manufacturing ourselves, and we understand how imperative it is to reduce wasted motion. Here are some examples of tool … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: regalCHIZEL – Chiseled Acrylic

regalCHIZEL is a sheet of acrylic that we actually hand chisel in house. We originally carried a material that came “pre-chiseled”. However, as the market and vendors are subject to change, the material became unavailable. Even though the product had … Continue reading