Colored Plexiglass Sheets

Colored Plexiglass sheets present a fusion of durability, beauty, and versatility, offering a plethora of options to enhance any project. These panels not only offer aesthetic appeal but also stand up to the test of time. No matter the application, be it for home decor, commercial, or industrial uses, colored Plexiglass fits the bill. For superior quality and diverse options, turn to Regal Plastics, the right choice for your colored Plexiglass sheet needs.

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Colored Plexiglass Sheets Deliver a World of Options

Colored plexiglass sheets bring a vibrant and practical element to any project. They combine the strength and versatility of clear plexiglass with a broad spectrum of stunning colors, providing endless creative possibilities.

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Vivid colored plexiglass panels are a favorite amongst architects, interior designers, event planners and hobbyists, as they offer a unique way to infuse color and functionality into various applications. From striking storefronts and signage to trendy furniture and decor, colored plexiglass delivers the aesthetic appeal you need while retaining the material's physical benefits.

Colored Plexiglass Panels Provide Durability and Beauty All in One Package

Colored plexiglass panels are durable and impact-resistant, lessening the risk of breakage. They're a safer alternative than glass and perfect for public areas, kids' play spaces or anywhere else where safety is a primary concern. Despite its strength, colored plexiglass is less than half as heavy as glass, making it easier to install and transport, saving you both time and labor costs.

The vivid hues of colored plexiglass sheets are more than just skin-deep. The color permeates the entire panel, providing consistent coloration that won't scratch off or fade, even under constant exposure to the elements. This is a marked advantage over painted glass, where chipping and scratching can expose clear patches over time.

How Colored Plexiglass Sheets for Every Application

Even though they're colored, these panels retain excellent light transmission properties. Light filters through colored plexiglass sheets, creating beautiful, diffused lighting effects that can add ambiance and mood to any space. The palette is also extensive; from bold, saturated colors to soft, translucent shades, there's a colored plexiglass sheet for every aesthetic requirement.

Just like clear plexiglass sheets, colored variants can be easily cut, molded and shaped to meet specific project needs. This flexibility unlocks an array of design possibilities — customized signage, sculpted decor pieces or sleek furniture components are all achievable with colored plexiglass panels. If you're looking for something even more different, decorative plexiglass sheets may be the answer.

Maintenance of colored plexiglass is straightforward. A wipe with a lint-free microfiber towel and a non-abrasive cleaner is usually all that's needed to keep your colored sheets looking fresh and vibrant. It's worth noting that while they can be scratched, these imperfections can often be buffed out, restoring the plexiglass to its original, glossy finish.

Colored plexiglass sheets offer an ingenious blend of function and form. They provide strength, safety and adaptability, all while allowing designers and creatives to make bold, colorful statements. Whether you're looking to add a splash of color to your storefront, create an eye-catching art installation or construct sturdy, vibrant furniture, colored plexiglass can turn your vision into reality.

Regal Plastics: The Right Choice for Colored Plexiglass Sheets

When you order colored plexiglass sheets from Regal Plastics, you get the advantage of working with an industry leader. We offer more than 40 color options in varying degrees of transparency and matte or gloss finishes. You also have your choice of thicknesses and dimensions. Backed by years of expertise, our staff can help identify the right colored plexiglass panels for your application. Plus, we provide a wide range of fabrication services to complete your colored plexiglass project.

Frequently Asked Questions About Colored Plexiglass

You have questions about colored plexiglass; we have the answers. You can rely on Regal Plastics as your go-to source for information on colored plexiglass sheets. Read the following for additional details, and be sure to contact us for more.

Does Colored Plexiglass Offer the Same Impact Resistance as Clear Plexiglass?

What is the Shatter Resistance of Colored Plexiglass Compared to Glass?

Can Colored Plexiglass Panels Be Bent or Molded?

Trust Your Colored Plexiglass Needs to Regal Plastics

Regal Plastics offers the colored plexiglass for sale that designers and manufacturers want the most. You can't beat the breadth and depth of our collection — or our outstanding customer service. We can help bring your colored plexiglass dreams to life.

Turn to colored plexiglass sheets for your next project and see the world in a whole new light.

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