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Acrylic Plastic Sheet

We are Authorized Distributors for Evonik Acrylite® and Altuglas® Plexiglas®!

Acrylic Panels

Illuminated Wall Acrylite®
GP DP-9 Kiwi

Frosted Plexiglas®  Cosmetic Display

Cosmetic Display Plexiglas®

Acrylite® Sheet Wall

Exterior Wall Acrylite® GP

Acrylic plastic is a lightweight, shatter resistant, transparent plastic that is often used as an alternative to glass. Often referred to as "safety glass" or acrylic glass, this plastic has been sold under a number of trademark names since coming to market in the 1930's. Most commonly under the name Plexiglas®, Regal also distributes Acrylite®.

Acrylic Colors

Regal Plastics provides acrylic in many different colors in order to suit your needs.
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Acrylite® is a form of acrylic sheet that is impact resistant and commonly used for its vibrant colors.
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CHEMCAST® has outstanding optical properties, while remaining light weight, chemical resistance, and excellent outdoor stability.
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Performance Grade Acrylic

Regal Plastics offers many different types of performance grade acrylics to suit your needs.
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Plexiglas® is a shatter resistant plastic that is transparent.
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Specialty Acrylic Sheets

Regal Plastics carries a line of specialty acrylic sheets used by architects, designers and interior decorators to create innovative, attractive spaces, furniture and decorative articles.
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Textured Acrylic

Regal Plastics provides a variety of texture acrylic options.
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