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Common Names: plexiglass mirror
Material Pros: Shatter-resistant, fog-proof, machinability
Common Applications: Mirror, Visual Displays, Invitations

A shatter-resistant acrylic mirror is perfect for high-traffic areas and applications. We’ve seen the versatile acrylic used for everything from wedding invitations to large mirrors in children’s play areas

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Custom cut prices are based on SQFT used on the sheet. Additionally, a custom cut fee will be applied based on the number of pcs cut. This cut planner requires certain yield based on the capabilities of our machine.

  • Only straight line cuts
  • 1/16” of an in is lost every time a cut is made
  • Minimum dimension is ½”
  • A cut must go entirely through the piece it is cutting
  • Sheet tolerances are within .06” of dimensions listed
  • If the piece you are looking for does not work with above rules please submit a request
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Product Details

Regal's acrylic mirror is fog-proof, moisture resistant, and shatter resistant, making it optimal for use in high-traffic areas such as gyms, play areas, locker-rooms, bathrooms, and detention centers. Acrylic mirror offers advantages over glass such as its ability to be cut and drilled on site as well as being lightweight and easy to install.

Additionally, acrylic mirror is available in a wide range of vibrant colors. Just like standard acrylic, it can be CNC routed into customizable shapes making it an excellent option for signage, visual displays, and point-of-purchase displays. Acrylic mirror also excels when laser engraved and is available in thin enough gauged material to be used for wedding invitations, table markers, and event menus.

Before installing acrylic mirror, we always recommend speaking with a professional. Like many acrylics, mirror may react adversely to certain adhesives, and there is a technique to installing the material to insure no distortion.

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