Greenhouse Panels

Are you ready to install a greenhouse or upgrade an existing one? Regal Plastics offers several plastic panel options to fit your needs whether you are a backyard hobbyist or large commercial grower. One of the most widely used greenhouse panel materials is a multi-wall polycarbonate. Multi-wall polycarbonate is a translucent rigid plastic with air pockets between the two walls, making it lightweight and easy to install. It has excellent thermal insulation for a more consistent growing environment.  


We proudly carry Polygal and offer several different multi-wall polycarbonate plastic panels. All sheets come standard with a UV protectant layer that blocks harmful UV rays while still allowing light to pass through. The attractive material is more long term and durable option than plastic sheeting. 


Standard Polygal is our most popular seller for residential greenhouses. It is available in a variety of colors and thicknesses to fit project specifications for wind and snow loads. This cost- effective material is also the most common Polygal used for greenhouse walls. It is not uncommon for customers to use a specialty Polygal for the structure’s roof and standard Polygal for the walls. 


Polymatte is a specialty Polygal that boasts 100% light diffusion. It is a perfect candidate for a professional grower or serious hobbyist that wants to grow plants from seeds. 


Polycoolite™ is specifically designed to supply plants natural solar light for photosynthesis. This supplies optimum conditions for plant growth but keeps the heat out! It is the perfect option for dual use spaces where customers want comfort without sacrificing a healthy environment for their plants. Plus, Polycoolite saves you money! Plants require less water and the material’s structure and coating lower energy costs. 


BlockOut is the latest greenhouse specific material to hit the market. It is designed for artificial lit greenhouses as it offers 0% light transmission with excellent thermal insulation. It is a great option for plants, like cannabis, that prefer steady temperatures and a day-night cycle.  

Call us today for help picking out the best Polygal for your greenhouse. Polygal is 100% recyclable and contributes to LEED certification. 

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