Display Cases

Are you wanting an attractive display case that won’t detract from your collectibles or products? Clear acrylic has clarity second to none. Its transparent glue joints and polished edges create a professional level finish whether you need museum quality vitrines or just looking to show off your collectibles at home.  

Clear plastics sheets aren’t just a pretty face, depending on the thickness and type of material, there are varying levels of security options that are shatter resistant so you can confidently display expensive collectibles, artifacts, and products at trade shows, retail stores, and museums without worry. Plus, we have sheets available with special coatings that can protect your valuables or artwork from sun damage, reduce the glare, or both.   

We specialize in custom fabrication orders! We can create custom cases for your products or valuables so you can breathe a sigh of relief while they are on display. Our fabrication specialists can create museum quality glue joints and edges. Regal can also design and produce the stand on which to place your valuables. Bring us your custom project, and let us help you come up with the best display case solution.