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Fome-Cor® is a core of inert, CFC free and acid free polystyrene foam to which 12 point clay coated paper liners have been laminated on both sides. Fome-Cor® is feather light, rigid, warp resistant and easy to cut. Standard Fome-Cor® is a lamination of foam and smooth surface, clay coated, paper stock. Acid free papers, boards, textiles etc. can be laminated to the surface by either wet or dry mounting techniques. Fome-Cor® can easily be pasted together to create even thicker and more rigid boards. liners. Long term protection. Interior use only.


Meet Gatorplast(TM)! The member of the Gator family from International Paper that's engineered specifically to save time and eliminate setup problems in screen printing applications. Gatorplast graphic arts panels are a laminate of lightweight polystyrene foam and high-impact polystyrene facers. These are bonded in a special process that permanently joins the surfaces to form a rugged, durable and lightweight panel.