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Polycarbonate Film

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This high performance polycarbonate graphic film is available in both polished and textured grades. Both categories are engineered with excellent weathering and aging characteristics. The translucent film is used when backlit properties are needed as it offers excellent even color, illumination, and flexibility for sign, faces, and awnings.

Polished grades of polycarbonate film advantages include easy formability, true color reproduction, and resistance to chemicals and weathering. This makes it a popular choice for LED/LCD display windows, display windows for audio/video equipment, medical packaging, automotive interiors, and consumer electronics.

The polycarbonate textured grades are abrasion resistant, able to be die-cut, and have excellent printability without pre-treatment. The attractive matte look offers excellent light diffusion without hot-spots for backlit applications. These benefits make textured grade polycarbonate film an excellent option for automotive dashboards and interiors, lighting and display, and consumer electronics.

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