Glow Acrylic

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Product Description

Common Names: Glow, Plexiglass Glow

Material Pros: Easy to fabricate, unique colors

Common Applications: Interior Signage, Visual Display, POP Display


Product Details

regalGLOW is a line of cell cast specialty acrylic characterized by its five brilliant colors. It was designed to give your interior signage and displays a bright, high quality finish. Because it is cell cast, the sheet has excellent consistency throughout and excels when polished, cut, and glued. It is a durable, long-term option that is lightweight, easy to install, and safe in high traffic areas.

Customers love that the product seems to glow even without backlighting. It gives them freedom to design reusable displays for tradeshows, countertops, and signage that may be difficult to backlight. If you are looking for neon colors to knock your socks off, check out the fluorescent acrylic. It has the same great qualities of regalGLOW and colors that pack a punch.

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Regal recycled 82,146 lbs. of plastic.

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