Our New Home

I asked Wayne Gono, Regal Plastic‘s VP/GM, three questions:

What does this move mean to Regal?

Wayne: To use a real estate cliche, one can answer all three questions with these words; location, location, location.

How will relocating the corporate office and combining the Dallas and Fort Worth branch improve the other facilities?

Wayne: Our larger facility will allow us to inventory more material, be more productive, and it gives our staff a much needed and well deserved work environment. We have plenty of room for future growth. Bringing these two teams together under one roof is like developing a dream team of sales and technical staff. This alone will enhance Regal overall.

What are you most excited about for the new location?

Wayne: The most exciting thing to me is the enthusiasm we have generated with our staff.  We have a well tenured group of people that serve Regal in both of these locations. We have served from the same location for over 30 years. In those 30 years, we made few changes in the work space.  The new work space is exciting because these teams needed more room, they needed an upgraded work environment and some place they could call home during the day. If you have seen our old place on Merrell and visit the new facility at 9200 N. Royal Lane, you will understand as soon as you cross our threshold!  Our new home is wonderful.

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My partner and I attended the “new home” celebration and it was wonderful. John Bryant gave us a tour of the place and it was awesome. We own Sharchs Corporation and really like dealing with everyone at Regal Plastics.