Product Spotlight: regalMARBLE

RegalMARBLE is a specialty acrylic that is made to look like marble. Each sheet is custom produced so the design is unique but the colors remain consistent. It is incredibly versatile,and It can be cut, finished, glued, and bent like a regular sheet of acrylic.

Here at Regal Plastics, we work with a high volume of contractors, architects, and interior designers that, like us, are always looking for new, innovative materials for their clients. We have a multi-step process to vet new products that starts with evaluating the quality and deciding if the product fits into our business model. Our parameters include everything from price to marketability. Next, we take samples to customers and get their feedback. Very few materials actually make the cut to find a spot in our warehouse, but when one does, it’s exciting for us to get offer something new to our customers. RegalMARBLE is our latest material to make the cut and also one our favorites.


  • Thickness: 0.118″
  • Sheet size: 48″ x 96″
  • Standard Colors: White, Beige, Ivory, and Light Brown

Benefits: RegalMARBLE is a translucent product so light can travel through it, but you can not see through it. The design is two-sided and both sides have a gloss finish making it attractive from any angle.  Currently, the material is designed for interior applications only. It does not have any UV additives to give it longevity for outdoor usage.

  • Light-weight
  • Easy to handle and fabricate
  • Looks great back-lit
  • Custom-made, unique design
  • Cost effective


  • Commercial office design
    • Furniture
    • Privacy panels
    • lighting lens
    • Accent walls
    • Receptionist desks
    • Work space divider panels
  • Events/ Exhibits
    • Trade show displays
    • Back-lit exhibits
  • Home Design:
    • Privacy panels
    • Accent walls
  • POP display/ Kiosk
    • Decorative panels
    • Back-lit panels
    • Fabricated boxes for displays
  • Signage


Currently, we keep the White, Beige, Ivory, and Light Brown in stock.

Peach, Dark Brown, Yellow, Brown, and Dark Ivory are available as custom orders with a fifteen sheet minimum.

We are the only distributor in Texas that carries this product, and one of very few that carry it nationwide. The entire crew at Regal can’t wait to see all the regalMARBLE applications that our customers will dream up. If you use the material, please share! We love seeing plastic in action.