Product Spotlight: Topgal

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8mm Topgal is the latest mutliwall Polycarbonate system to hit our shelves. Why are we so excited about it? It is a great option for customers looking for a leak proof cover for their outdoor space. The design allows for easier installation, and as always, it comes with a 10 year warranty against yellowing and brittling.
Description: Applications: Residential and small commercial covers Thickness: 8mm in stock (20mm available by special order with sheet minimums) Width: 23 - 5/8" Colors: System: Standing Seam Panel Close-up of the Topgal system showing the interlocking design. Benefits: Leak Resistant: The standing seam system creates a leak proof design. Plus, no screws are ever installed through the sheet when the material is installed. Removing holes removes the opportunity for leaking around the screws. Easier installation: One of the most common installation error we see with with the standard Polygal system is sheets being installed upside down. Only one side of the Polygal has UV protection, and if the wrong side is facing up, the material becomes more susceptible to damage. Topgal has a standing seam panel system that makes it next to impossible (never say never) to install upside down. This means the UV protected sides are always facing up. Sheet Structure: The 4 wall structure that comes standard with all Topgal sheets increases the sheets rigidity, thermal insulation, and strength while reducing the lower solar heat gain. Low Slope: A low slope (1/12) is acceptable for Topgal. It can even be installed on flat roofs (it won't leak, but condensation may build up in the flutes). We would recommend adding a little slope to make sure your flutes stay looking nice. 8mm bronze Topgal Would you like to learn more about Topgal or get a quote? Request a quote today!

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