Clear Plastic Sneeze Guards and Barriers

Get your business ready to safely open with our plexiglass sneeze guards and sanitary barriers. You can pick from pre-made desktop and hanging options, or take advantage of our build to order by providing custom dimensions and specifications. 

Free-Standing Desktop Sneeze Guard

These clear plexiglass barriers are perfect for manicure tables at nail salons or retail countertops. You can still see and interact with customers while still providing a layer of protection. The sneeze guards are lightweight enough to be easily moved.

These are available for online purchase in three different sizes :

Small (26" wide x 20" tall) 

Medium (36" wide x 24" tall)

Large (36" wide x 36" tall) 

Bulk Orders Available:

        Small Sneeze Guard: 100+ Bulk Order RFQ 

        Medium Sneeze Guard: 75+ Bulk Order RFQ

        Large Sneeze Guard: 50+ Bulk Order RFQ

We not only supply plastic sheets and standard sizes, but our onsite fabrication team can also build applications like: 

  • Custom Sneeze and Cough Guards
  • See-Through Barriers and Dividers
  • Clear Plexiglass Sneeze Guards for Coronavirus. 
  • Custom Cart Covers 
  • Office Partitions

For indoor use around food and employees:

We recommend acrylic (plexiglass) or polycarbonate sneeze guards and barriers. The materials are clear, can easily be wiped down, and offers an effective barrier against transmission. Sneeze guards are a great way to protect cashiers, clerks, and tellers while remaining open to the public. 

For outdoor use as temporary/permanent shelters: 

We recommend our multiwall polycarbonate (twinwall) sneeze guards and barriers. The material allows natural light in and protects from the elements. Plus, it creates a more comfortable environment with its excellent thermal insulation and UV protection. It has a Class A fire rating to meet building codes and can easily be wiped down.

In an effort to help businesses, we are moving all sneeze guard and plexiglass shield orders to the front of our production schedule. Call or text 972.342.1645 with questions about material or to learn more about our contact-free installations.