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Amy is the marketing manager for Regal Plastics. She loves to make plastic interesting. After all, its just plastic, not rocket science! Circle me on Google+.

San Antonio Summer Interns 2014

We are excited to host two spectacular summer interns!

Javier Garcia, our San Antonio branch manager, agreed to be a host site for “Youth Career Summer Internship Program” sponsored by Family Service Association. It is a 6 week program where interns earn a stipend and gain a real world, on the job experience. Their participation will definitely benefit them as they continue building their professional careers.

Meet Our Interns:

Andres Flores & Ryan Riojas

Andres Flores & Ryan Riojas

Andres Flores is a spectacular and disciplined individual. He is a Junior Varsity football player, and he aspires to be a police officer so he can serve and protect.

Ryan Riojas is an extraordinary young man who will graduate high school with a college associates degree. He has aspirations of becoming a veterinarian.

Uses for Plastic in Your Backyard

The first thing that comes to mind with designing a small backyard is functionality. Even though it may be a small space, you still want it to have purpose. You want to be able to enjoy all aspects of the space. A few key tricks come to mind:


1. Keep the clutter elsewhere – It’s understandable that you have things that need to be kept outside. If the garage isn’t an option, find an all weather storage bin that can double as a bench. Add a cushion to make it comfortable and to add color.

2. Add a small garden – Make sure your backyard gets enough sunlight for a garden. Then, build a small, 2 foot by 3 foot, above the ground garden. I’ve found wood is the best choice. You can pick it up at your local hardware store. Just know your dimensions before you go. Finally, choose your favorite herbs and vegetable. Don’t go overboard! If you won’t eat it, don’t plant it. And remember, some herbs and vegetables grown like weeds (excuse the expression, you certainly don’t want weeds.)

3. Make your backyard a place you can enjoy year round – Spring evenings may be wonderful to sit outside and enjoy the open sky, but summer afternoons can be detrimental to you health. Consider adding a covered pergola to your backyard. It creates a nice space for furniture and an outdoor grill. Multiwall plastic sheet, known by the brand name Polygal, is a good choice because of its double and triple layers protecting you from unwanted elements as well as providing UV protection. Depending on the color, Polygal allows light in but keeps the temperatures under the material cool.

4. And lastly, don’t forget about custom cutting boards. This tip really doesn’t help the “function” of a small backyard, but it sure makes grilling and gardening a little more fun. With a variety of colors and your creativity, the possibilities are endless.

HDPE Garden Sign

HDPE Garden Sign

Covered Patio - Polygal 16mm Bronze

Covered Patio – Polygal 16mm Bronze

Custom Sanalite Cutting Boards

Custom Sanalite Cutting Boards